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Minecraft as an innovative tool to make young people aware of important issues such as the preservation of their territory. And what better occasion than a map based on the Venetian lagoon, to recall the millennial presence of the city envied by the whole world? Today we as Maker Camp, specialising in the use of Minecraft in Italian schools and museums, in collaboration with the innovative M9 Museum and the learning space M9 Edu di Mestre, annunciamo il rilascio di una mappa Minecraft scaricabile e giocabile gratuitamente da tutti.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the 1600 anni della nascita di Venezia, the map invites players to become aware of the importance of paying attention to the environment, respecting it and protecting it properly for future generations, by learning to live responsibly. All this comes to life within the Minecraft map with many surprising features.

With a view to sustainable development, players learn to cultivate urban gardens, creating a short supply chain and solidarity-based economic networks. They can issue fines to vehicles that pollute the environment, while at the wheel of a real police car reproduced in Minecraft and, above all, intervene to restore the correct use of exhaust gases. While the characteristic Venetian gondolas come to the aid of commuters moving from the mainland to the lagoon and vice versa, through a prompt "gondola sharing" service.

Even in the Minecraft map, Piazza San Marco is definitely crowded: the many tourists grappling with paper guides to the city, with mobile phones and cameras in hand to capture the beauty of the bell tower and intent on tasting the delicacies of Italian cuisine tend to get distracted and leave rubbish lying around. It is up to the player to collect and learn how to manage the waste, which must be properly sorted.

And the player becomes a protagonist in the realisation of the clean energy projects that the director of the M9 Museum proposes during the start of the game: a series of wind turbines exploiting the winds coming from the sea and rows of solar panels ready to intercept the sun's rays will lead the player to an epic finale.

1600 anni venezia minecraft
1600 anni venezia minecraft
1600 anni venezia minecraft
1600 anni venezia minecraft
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