Pixel Art in Minecraft

Called once again to conduct Minecraft workshops this time in Viterbo we proposed Pixel Art in Minecraft.

The activity of Pixel Art in Minecraft is one of the simplest, but at the same time one of the most loved by children. Considering the very variable age range that would have found hospitality in the Viterbo Active Space we decided to go on the safe side with the Pixel Art proposal in Minecraft.

We asked the guys who participated in the Tuscia Makers event what a pixel was and what we meant by pixel art. And after making a brief overview of grids and digital images we all agreed that Pixel Art and Minecraft had a lot in common.

The creativity of the boys finds wide expression when we talk about Pixel Art in Minecraft
Pixel Art in Minecraft: different challenges await the boys

We introduce the Pixel Art in Minecraft

Taking possession of each computer to the boys we have given our own virtual world entirely dedicated to Pixel Art in Minecraft. The scenario in which this world is set is that of the fantastic story of Cars.

In fact as soon as the boys enter the Pixel Art world in Minecraft they are taken right in the middle of the town Radiator Springs ready to follow the famous Route 66.

Between hotels, gas stations and farms, Route 66, which leads to Radiator Springs, allows kids to cross - one after another - a series of Pixel Art challenges in Minecraft.

Radiator Springs: we follow the road of Pixel Art

Following Route 66, the boys encounter a series of larger-sized empty frames as they continue their activity. The positioning of the blocks at the beginning takes place following clear and simple references reproduced on sheets of paper: typically we start with 5 × 5 images.

By increasing the difficulty we can eliminate the sheet of paper, as a reference for the realization of our object in Pixel Art, and to receive a series of instructions.

The sequence of instructions, if well executed, allows the boy to position the Minecraft blocks appropriately and construct their image in Pixel Art inside the frame.

Attention: we are not really talking about code in the sense of programming (visual or not), but we are referring to a series of indications given to children in various ways in a kind of different pseudo programming languages

Patrizia, Manuel and Mario: our Minecraft educators in action.

Creativity space with Pixel Art in Minecraft

The tests that the boys encounter are challenges of symmetry, of association of colors, of positioning certain blocks in the right direction and also of "debugging" the instructions provided by us "deliberately" incorrect.

In general, when we talk about Pixel Art in the school we refer to the reproduction of two-dimensional figures. In the world that we make available to young people there are many challenges on this "philosophy" of approach.

Towards the end the boys also arrive in an area where they are invited to create challenges for the other participants. We almost always ask the students to go beyond the two-dimensional approach trying to make them create three-dimensional figures. If you find it useful, take a look at the image at the bottom of the post and the two agricultural machines.

Unfortunately when we start to see the Pixel Art also in the form of realization in the three dimensions, time flies away too quickly.

And luckily I did not tell them that their achievements can - using only and always Minecraft - be exported for augmented, immersive or mixed reality otherwise they would not let us go home! 

What do you say? Are you wondering if they can even be printed in 3D? You think ?

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