The Minecraft contest of the M9 Museum in Venice Mestre


JUNE 2019

Minecraft at the M9 museum! Our second contest with Minecraft created for museums and cultural venues and tailored to the needs of the museum itself has also come to an end. Minecraft at the museum easily translates into one Mestre that wakes up teeming with children, teenagers, parents and teachers who have come from various parts of Italy for the awards ceremony on M9 Urban Landscape contest. M9, the brand new Museo del Novecento, together with the Polymnia company, with the support of Microsoft Italia and us at Maker Camp, allowed more than 4 thousand students to discuss issues related to urban regeneration - how did it do it? With Minecraft, the video game on which we are highly specialized.

The competition involved the realization, through Minecraft Education Edition, a child-friendly city, a smart city designed on the basis of the Sustainable Development Goals included in Agenda 2030. The project started more than a year ago, attended by 161 Italian classes and 27 European and non-European classes .

161 Italian classes and 27 European and non-European classes: over 4,000 children involved.

The Maker Camp staff at the M9 Museum: Marco Vigelini, Patrizia Rosato and Michela Deriu

Who the Minecraft contest was aimed at

The contest, aimed at children of the fourth and fourth grades of primary school, the students of the first-level secondary school and the two-year course, has reserved some fantastic prizes for the winners, who have been evaluated by an international jury, including some members of the OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The creative challenge was accepted with enthusiasm both by the boys and by the teachers who immediately worked without ceasing emphasizing how much the game is essential for the learning of children and young people.

The purpose of the contest

Participants were asked to discover and deepen the 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030; to reflect on the unsustainability of the current development model - environmental, economic and social - and contribute to the adoption of strategies proposed by the UN or to evaluate new ones; of promote the use of the game as a means of transmitting one's creativity; he also invited participants to combine their skills with new technologies.

By designing around these objectives, the classes also faced other, less measurable but equally important goals: soft skills, skills and intangible skills. Each teacher has in fact underlined the tenacity and the ability that the students had to adapt to the unexpected. Children and young people were looking forward to continuing the work started and often helped each other on a virtual level in realizing the various constructions. So they experienced collaboration with teachers and their peers, and they stimulated and increased their self-esteem. They have implemented skills of problem solving and in-depth study; designing and creating in Minecraft.

This is why M9 made us move! And it was not expected. Intervention lines were planned and scheduled, slides to be presented, speeches to be made, but no, to move us was not planned. How great emotion was not planned during the connection with the school of Alexandria in Egypt accompanied by a deafening silence, waiting to have a shared communication with them. The looks and smiles of these children so far have enriched and strengthened this day of celebration. And then we understood how sharing important goals can be a boost and a stimulus to pursue.

The classes all showed what Henry Ford said "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success."

For us at Maker Camp a more sustainable and child-friendly future has arrived playing. Ready to Play?


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