Minecraft Laboratories: Equal Opportunities


"It is very interesting and fun, but lasts until 13:00 and the time has now flown". This is one of the comments left by the boys in the first of five days of Minecraft workshops. And on the first day - during the 4 hours of the Minecraft workshop - our educational videogame was only used for about 45 minutes.

The laboratory that we have conducted is related to the announcement "In the summer you learn STEM. Summer camps of science, mathematics, computer science and coding- II edition "whose goal is to promote equal opportunities and counter gender stereotypes in school curricula.
Have you ever thought about working with Minecraft on these issues with your students?
Mario Profumo

To speak are the smiles, the commitment and the great enthusiasm of the boys who have concluded the first week of Minecraft laboratories at the Comprehensive Institute "U. Midossi "of Civita Castellana carried out by our Maker Camp trainers on behalf of the IT company LogiX of Viterbo. On the door of the workshop a colored billboard on which the students have left thoughts, impressions and some desire for the end of the course.

Here are some:

"The thing I liked most about these Minecraft laboratories is simply everything, the thing I liked the least is that it's cold in the morning ... :)"

The students inaugurated the new school year by tackling and discussing the issue of gender equality and gender discrimination with a similar approach project based learning

During the Minecraft workshop they deepened the subjects Ste (a) m, and told through their projects the differences as a resource, helping to create a school - more - free from gender stereotypes.

They did it using Minecraft, the most popular videogame in the world and on which we are highly specialized. Minecraft confirms itself as a powerful multidisciplinary and inclusive educational tool, effectively accompanying students and students in the development of basic skills.

Our trainer Mario Profumo, together with the tutor and some high school students, guided the students through the various phases of realization and development of their projects on the topic.

Pencil, paper and mouse in hand the various groups worked cooperatively to devise and create Minecraft worlds where it was possible to reflect, represent and unveil the most common and annoying stereotypes with the aim of reducing - together with the player - the various discriminations of gender.

Today I was happy to know the Equal Opportunities and with examples I understood what they are and in what situation they happen in Italy and in the world

I enjoyed seeing my companions' worlds and making recommendations. Today I knew my teammates and other people better. I really like our world because today we have created many things

I would like to play Minecraft at school, because I would like to study having fun. If you use it for school subjects it is more inviting to study

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