Fill in all the fields below. Then at the bottom of the page click on the CHOOSE FILE button to select your project to upload.

Insert the files of your project in a single compressed ZIP file: the ZIP file must contain at least the Minecraft world and a Word document, or similar, which describes your project. The maximum allowed size of upload is 250MB.

Then select UPLOAD FILES and wait for your files to be uploaded.

If everything goes well, we will show you the LOADING COMPLETED page and you will also receive an email notification of completion (if you cannot find it, look for it in your junk mail folder).

We ask you to upload a SINGLE zip file. If you can’t, you can upload up to a maximum of 5 files in the following formats: * .zip, * .mcworld, * .jpg, * .doc, * .rar, * .docx, * .pdf, * .glb, * .png, * .avi, * .mp4


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