Information technology for the elderly

First day of school for over 60s: information technology for the elderly it is the project to be conducted. A series of meetings at the Allumiere Senior Social Center, all aimed at the use of new technologies and information technology for the elderly in a wider sense.

If you are wondering if we will use Minecraft for the senior information technology course, the answer is "Not yet".

On the other hand we thought about it because one of the objectives of the "TE - Third Age Project" promoted by the Lazio Region is precisely that of involving the elderly and integrating them also exploiting the new technologies.

We hope to organize a nice session Fortnite with the grandchildren for the last day of the project information technology for the elderly in such a way as to make them participate in their gamer interests.

We will help the elderly to access the Public Administration portals with both PCs and tablets and smartphones.
Michela Deriu and Serena Pilotti

There will be 7 meetings scheduled for the computer literacy laboratories for "Over 60" and we hope to tell you about the progress of our elders.

The course will focus on both the use of the PC and the use of the mobile app.

During the meetings that will take place every Monday and Friday until October 22, we will try to examine in detail the specific needs of the elderly on the use of their devices and help them in accessing the portals of the public administration.

The laboratory led by Michela Deriu and Serena Pilotti will allow a better understanding of the technologies that surround us all, make use of e-mail services, surf the Internet with your mobile phone.

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