Game design with Minecraft
Marco Vigelini at Pacinotti-Archimede in Rome for the Game Design course with Minecraft

Minecraft also for upper secondary school. Such as ? Put an innovative Institute of Higher Education like the Pacinotti-Archimede of Rome, put one of the simplest tools to create settings and game mechanics - Minecraft - put the vision of the teachers of the institute in supporting the start of the Experimental course of programming and design of videogames and animation, mix everything and here is born a laboratory of Game Design with Minecraft.

The approximately thirty students of the experimental course of programming and design of video games and animation initiated by the Pacinotti-Archimede of Rome will enter - perhaps - for the first time on how to structure a video game: certainly we must not miss the story, but the design of the game is much more.

Game design with Minecraft al Pacinotti-Archimede of Rome
Game design is a very wide and diversified sector that allows you to design and create your own universe of video games

Game Design with Minecraft

The game design of a game includes a whole series of elements that go beyond having imagined a good story or adventure. Having a story is certainly a good start, but if you do not put together a series of elements that contribute in creating a video game what you have in hand is only an interesting story: maybe a book, but not a video game.

The one who deals with game design must borrow some skills ranging from computer science to programming, from creative writing to graphic design.

Creativity and technical skills

With Minecraft, kids can easily put these components together. Playing game design with Minecraft means putting the creativity of the boy who can begin to imagine and bring to light his stories, identifying the characters - protagonists and not, the rules of the game, the missions with possible dialogues and l 'setting.

The role of a videogame designer in a development team differs from the specialized roles of graphic designers and programmers

The main objective of "Notch" - the developer who created Minecraft in just 6 days - was to have an easier platform to quickly model and test new game environments. A fast platform of game design to prototype new video games.

From this point of view then the game designer can be considered a cross between a writer, an artist and a programmer.

In short, an individual with undoubted technical skills, but also with a complete artistic vision.

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