Training Minecraft: Summer Camp for teachers


AUGUST, 2018


A whole week of Minecraft training guests at the complex of San Micheletto in Lucca of the UIBI Foundation. From morning to afternoon, together with a large group of teachers ready to become familiar with Minecraft through a well-structured Minecraft training course.

Together with Marco Vigelini who took care of some more advanced aspects of Minecraft - interactions, mechanisms and coding - the Minecraft training group was composed by the Indire researchers - Andrea Benassi and Lapo Rossi - and by the teachers Monica Boccoli, Simonetta Anelli and Luca Paolini - already experimenters in their classes with Minecraft.

Objective of the Minecraft training week? Building a story on the complex of San Micheletto.

Coding with Minecraft. Here is the small Agent ready to receive and execute instructions

An intense week of Minecraft training

The group of participants was mainly made up of novice teachers with Minecraft. Who is it that is not?

We are the first to work on training Minecraft and continue to discover new things every day.

Once they became familiar with the basic movements the teachers - divided into collaborative groups - began to faithfully reproduce on the Minecraft scale the complex of San Micheletto supervised and supported by the teachers Monica, Simonetta, Luca and its 4 students!

We are in the classroom 6. "Use of Minecraft in teaching"

Storytelling with Minecraft

With some teachers more confident with Minecraft - as already used in their classes - Marco Vigelini explained how to animate stories within the world under construction or start missions to be completed according to the desired directions.

The coding part in Minecraft was the one that intrigued the large group of teachers.

The transition from a two-dimensional environment - like the usual one of Scratch - to the three-dimensional one is indeed remarkable.

"Have you ever tried to move a Scratch sprite to the sides of your monitor up, down, right or left? Perfect. Can you move the Sprite to me now - front / off the monitor - or away from me - behind / inside the monitor? "

In Minecraft the whole coding part takes place in a three-dimensional environment, including event management: at the stroke of an arrow, when the player walks etc.

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