Minecraft Training: BETT SHOW LONDON




Intense day of Minecraft training in the land of Albion. And more precisely, the Minecraft training day in the largest international event dedicated to educational technologies: the BETT SHOW in London. It was not easy to conduct the Minecraft training session in English and before so many people intrigued to see the City of Florence rebuilt in Minecraft.

Here is a small summary of those days.


Our experience on training Minecraft lands at the BETT SHOW in London.

Marco Vigelini leads the Minecraft workshop for teachers in London

The first day of training Minecraft

We have been called to give support with our Minecraft Global Mentor and Minecraft Certified Trainer - unique in Italy - Marco Vigelini directly from the American team of Minecraft: Education Edition to conduct the training sessions that would take place at the BETT SHOW. During the Minecraft training workshops, we met hundreds of educators and school leaders from across the UK, Europe and the Middle East who wanted to learn more about the potential of Minecraft.

Giotto's Campanile created in MINECRAFT and ready to be fed to a 3D printer

The various Minecraft training sessions

Together with the Minecraft: Education Edition team, we then conducted Minecraft sessions on STEM issues, also showing the functionality of exporting 3D files and augmented reality visualization in the real world. Another very followed session was on math and geo-caching and, of course, all those related to coding in minecraft.

The world with which we have created real "traffic jams"At the Minecraft stand it was obviously the one we made for the Novecento museum in Florence: the construction in Minecraft of theentire city center of the beautiful Tuscan capital. Imagine the faces of the teachers when they could see on their work table the ancient carousel of Piazza della Repubblica in Florence in augmented reality. .

On the occasion of the BETT SHOW fair, the update called CHEMISTRY UPDATE was also released. The chemistry in Minecraft! A real virtual laboratory with which kids can create new compounds, study chemical formulas and put together protons, neutrons and electrons in complete safety, but above all lots of fun. Do you want to bring Minecraft to your school too? Contact


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