How to import custom images into Minecraft

Until some time ago it was possible to import their images into Minecraft only for the Java Edition version through the so-called mods. Trying to document on how to customize the images for everything related to the world of Minecraft bedrock (console, tablet and PC Windows 10) I got the job done on GitHub from Tryashtar. This software is able to import images for both the Java version and the Bedrock world ... unfortunately leaving the Minecraft version: Education Edition!

How to import your images into Minecraft BEDROCK (MEE, console, tablet and Windows 10)

At this point, working with the version Minecraft: Education Edition that is still based on the Minecraft bedrock engine I downloaded the source code of Tryashtar, installed the necessary compiler, made some changes for both the graphic part and to introduce the new needs, created a new executable ... et voilĂ  ... now the same software can also import images for the Minecraft: Education Edition version.

The version I created continues to manage the Java part, but moreover, for the Bedrock part, it also runs the Minecraft: Education Edition version.

If you want to try to use the software modified by me click on the button below, fill in the required data and, in your email, you will receive links to download the necessary software.


Click on the button to receive in your email the link to download the software that allows you to insert the images in Minecraft as you saw in the video

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