Follow these steps if your goal is to connect the whole class on Minecraft Education Edition (MEE from here on) while you and your students are at home.


The steps that you will read below must be completed ONLY by the one who will start the world of Minecraft Education Edition. Typically the teacher. Whoever connects does not have to do anything except ... connect to the teacher's world.

You must all use the same tenant. What is a tenant? The part of your account you sign into Minecraft with, after the @ character. If my user were: the tenant would be If I start a MEE world and you have a tenant like, although my world can be reached remotely, you will NEVER connect.

You must have access to your router. It means that you have the user and password of your home router.


1. How to make your PC visible within your local network

This is the most important and often NOT mentioned step in other guides. Many YouTube viewers have confirmed to me that they solved when they put this indication into play.

From Windows 10 PC: Open SETTINGS, then NETWORK, then SHARING OPTIONS. On your CURRENT PROFILE, whether public or private, enable network detection.

2. How to find your IP address (and possibly the hostname)

Start the PROMPT OF COMMANDS app, always present on your Windows 10 PC, type ipconfig and press return. My IP address is the one highlighted. Yours could also be something like: 192.168.1.XXX. Look for it and mark it.

Then type hostname and press return. The hostname is the name of your PC. This step is not necessary, but it can be useful when you need to configure your router.

3. How to find the IP address of your router

It is an operation you have already done. Start the PROMPT OF COMMANDS app again, type again ipconfig and press return. The IP address of my router is the one highlighted. Yours could also be something like: Look for it and mark it.

4. How to access your router

Type in the address bar of the browser, the IP address of your router and press enter. Enter, where required, the administrative user and the relative password. If you don't know them, search the network for the default ones of your router. You can try in sequence (user / password): admin / admin or admin / 1234 or just admin (and empty password, that is, there is no password). If they don't work then you just have to search on the Internet.

5. How to configure port forwarding on the router

Look for the port forwarding configuration menu, usually in the configuration group called INTERNET, but it could also be in other items. It depends on YOUR router. Mine is called ABILITAZIONI. To start the configuration process I clicked AGGIUNGI DISPOSITIVO PER ABILITAZIONI (ADD DEVICE FOR ...)

Identified my device among those present (remember the hostname ... here I need it here) and then clicked on NUOVA ABILITAZIONE (NEW RULE)

It is necessary to configure the communications that take place both on the TCP side and on the UDP side on port 19132. In my device I have selected ABILITAZIONE PORTE (PORT ENABLES), I have created a descriptive reference to the rule (MEE_TCP and MEE_UDP) and then entered the indicated port value. Where did that 19132 value come from? Bring patience that is clarified to you in the step in which you will start the MEE world.

At the end of the configuration, I found the following two rules that say: “All requests that come from outside - that is, from the Internet - to the router, and in particular to port 19132, must be directed internally only and exclusively to the PC that now has the IP address indicated

6. How to find the public IP of the router

Insert the following address on the address bar of our browser: The page returns the current dynamic IP address of our router: write it because that numeric address must be communicated to those who want to connect to your Minecraft world. Your IP address will be different from mine. Mine, the moment I tried, returned the following value.

7. Launch your Minecraft Education Edition world

Start MEE, select the world to start and start it to host multiplayer games. See which port each game on MEE is automatically hosted on: port 19132


8. Communicate your public IP and port

All students who want to connect must select in MEE JOIN THE WORLD

Then DO NOT enter any type of code, but click on the three dots indicated

and in the screen that appears enter the public IP address of step 6.


A couple of ideas to think about.

  • Has the MEE world started? Is it started in JOIN THE WORLD mode? If NOBODY is able to connect to your world, it is appropriate to investigate. If someone has entered your world, discard this analysis.
  • Have you communicated your CURRENT public IP? Being dynamic it can be changed compared to what you communicated yesterday for example. To find it again, follow step 6. If NOBODY manages to connect to your world, it is appropriate to investigate. If someone has entered your world, discard this analysis.
  • Make sure students write your current public IP address correctly. It always has a form like: XXX.YYY.WWW.ZZZ There are exactly 4 numbers and exactly 3 points. Numbers and points are NECESSARY and ESSENTIAL. If someone enters your world and others do not, it is appropriate to investigate.
  • It is very unlikely, but it can happen. Verify that your local IP address, with the passing of the days, has remained the same set in the port forwarding rule. If it has changed, log in to the router and modify the port forwarding rules with your new local IP. If NOBODY is able to connect to your world, it is appropriate to investigate. If someone has entered your world, discard this analysis.
  • Do you have a stable and NOT saturated network? Viewing streaming movies, downloading large files leads to an increase in traffic on your network that would also like to host your students' connections. The network has a finite range: if you manage to saturate it, someone cannot reach you or occasionally someone is disconnected. A weak WIFI signal can lead to the same symptoms: loss of connections. If someone enters your world and is occasionally disconnected, it is appropriate to investigate.
  • Does who connect have a stable and NOT saturated network? Same reasoning as in the previous point. If always the same student, entering your world, is occasionally disconnected, it is appropriate to deepen.

Here a video in Italian of the explanations that you have just finished reading.


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