Active Citizenship at School



Many were the adhesions to the II edition of the M9 Contest Urban Landscape contest that we as Maker Camp organized for the M9 Museum in Mestre on active citizenship , theme very important within the school in these days.

As a Microsoft partner, we have been specializing for years in promoting tools that bring schools and museums together through the Minecraft video game, but this time the expectations have gone beyond all limits.

The numbers are in fact record: 705 schools and over 14 thousand students. 600 Italian schools of all types: from primary to high schools. 100 foreign ones with adhesions received from all continents

We addressed the invitation to young people to reflect on the crucial theme of active citizenship not only at school, but in all contexts.

We ask participants to build one or more public utility buildings using Minecraft Education Edition and ideally place them on the territory where they reside. The fundamental rule is that the work should be carried out in compliance with the objectives set by the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: respect for the environment, gender equality, innovation, accessibility and inclusion.

The criticism - better if constructive - of the policies implemented by the respective local administrations is also stimulated.

The aims of the project are manifold: from that of developing specific skills in the field of citizenship and democracy, to enhancing the role of future citizens in building a more fair and livable society, stimulating in them, from an early age, responsible behaviors towards environment and the laws that regulate the coexistence of similar.

The importance of citizenship education has been repeatedly stressed in Italy too by the consultation promoted by MIUR (the Italian Minister of Education) on the occasion of the discussion of Law 107/2015 which showed that education for active citizenship is the competence that public opinion feels more important. We managed to stimulate reflections on active citizenship through the Minecraft video game.

900/5000 “The challenge of environmental sustainability is played above all from a cultural point of view and in this sense schools play a central role in promoting the making of a civic conscience in students. The M9 contest is the project that brings together respect for the environment and active citizenship and does so by stimulating in children the development of constructive criticism in the design of their territories". These are the words of Antonio Rigon, director of M9 District, the newly conceived cultural center for which we created the Minecraft contest.

The final Minecraft projects must be submitted no later than April 1, 2020 to allow the jury to select the best works. There are three prizes to be won: one for primary school, one for secondary school and the last for the secondary school, which will be delivered on June 6, 2020 in Mestre.

Per la scuola straniera è invece previsto un soggiorno di tre giorni per l’intera classe e due insegnanti.

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