Register your class at the II edition of the competition

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M9 Museum of Venice

Theme to be developed: ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP

Building one or more buildings of public utility (social and / or cultural) for their territory, taking into account the indications of the 2030 agenda and applying constructive criticism to the existing policies of their community 


Purpose of the initiative

● Develop skills in the field of active and democratic citizenship also linking them to issues related to urban regeneration

● Enhancing the role of future small citizens in building a better and more democratic society

● Stimulate responsible behavior inspired by knowledge and respect for legality, environmental sustainability, heritage and cultural activities

● Cultivating new priorities for European cooperation that underline the role of education in promoting equity and non-discrimination, in teaching fundamental values, intercultural competences and precisely active citizenship 



The IV and V classes of the primary school, the classes of the secondary school of the first degree and those of the two-year secondary school of the Italian public and equal institutions can participate in the Competition.


Announcement and regulation

The entire announcement with the regulation is available HERE



Subscribe by 25 November 2019.

The registered classes are granted free Minecraft licenses in order to participate in the competition and delivered starting November 4th 2019.


Award ceremony

Will be assigned:

- a first prize for primary school (class IV and class V)

- one for the lower secondary school

- one for the two-year second level secondary school

At the discretion of the jury, in addition to the first prize, mentions for works deemed worthy may be identified.

The announcement of the winners and the related awarding has been established for the 6 June 2020

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