Here we tell our projects carried out with the boys and the teacher training experiences, the Minecraft workshops conducted during gaming fairs and the gamification initiatives carried out within museums and various cultural attractions.

Enjoy the reading.

Raffaello in Minecraft

Raphael in Minecraft

National Gallery of Marche: RAFFAELLO in Minecraft 20 OCTOBER, 2018 The National Gallery of Marche is preparing to start the "Raffaello in Minecraft" initiative by inviting local schools to the official presentation held on October 24th ...

Pixel Art in Minecraft

Pixel Art in Minecraft

Pixel Art in Minecraft 4 OCTOBER, 2018 Called once again to conduct Minecraft workshops this time in Viterbo we proposed Pixel Art in Minecraft. The activity of Pixel Art in Minecraft is one of the simplest, but at the same time one of the most loved by ...

Informatica Per Anziani

Informatics For Seniors

IT for the elderly 1 OCTOBER, 2018 First day of school for the over 60s: information technology for the elderly is the project to be conducted. A series of meetings at the Allumiere Senior Social Center, all aimed at using new technologies and informatics ...

Coding in Minecraft

Coding in Minecraft

Coding in Minecraft 14 SEPTEMBER, 2018 An entire week spent with primary children for a new project on equal opportunities, also integrating coding in Minecraft. So let's see what it means to introduce coding in Minecraft ...

Pari Opportunità In Minecraft

Equal Opportunities In Minecraft

Minecraft Laboratories: Equal Opportunities 7 SEPTEMBER, 2018 "It's very interesting and fun, but it lasts until 13:00 and the time has now flown". This is one of the comments left by the boys ...

Formazione Minecraft per insegnanti a Lucca

Minecraft training for teachers in Lucca

Minecraft training: Summer Camp for teachers August 27-31, 2018 A whole week of Minecraft training guests at the San Micheletto complex in Lucca of the UIBI Foundation. From morning to afternoon together with a large group ...

Formazione Minecraft: BETT SHOW di Londra

Minecraft Training: BETT SHOW in London

Minecraft training: BETT SHOW LONDON 24 JANUARY, 2018 Intense day of Minecraft training in the land of Albion. And more precisely Minecraft training day in the largest international event dedicated to ...

International Minecraft Art Gallery Project

International Minecraft Art Gallery Project

With Minecraft and Creatubbles, kids share their artworks with peers from all around the world. Minecraft allows you to create virtual worlds, Creatubbles is the social where children share their works of art. From their intersection a beautiful project of ...

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