Here we tell our projects carried out with the boys and the teacher training experiences, the Minecraft workshops conducted during gaming fairs and the gamification initiatives carried out within museums and various cultural attractions.

Enjoy the reading.

Educazione Civica in Minecraft

Educazione Civica in Minecraft

Maker Camp avvia, per il Museo M9 di Mestre, il concorso a tema “Educazione Civica” in Minecraft, riservato alle scuole italiane.
Si invitano le classi a realizzare, all’interno di Minecraft elaborati ispirati alla Costituzione, allo Sviluppo sostenibile ed alla Cittadinanza digitale.

Come connettere la classe da remoto su Minecraft Education Edition

How to connect the class remotely on Minecraft Education Edition

Segui questi step se il tuo obiettivo è connettere tutta la classe su Minecraft Education Edition  (MEE da qui in poi) mentre tu ed i tuoi studenti siete ognuno a casa sua. PREREQUISITI: Gli step che leggerai di seguito devono essere completati SOLO da colui che...

Cittadinanza Attiva a scuola

Active citizenship at school

Many adhesions to the competition we organized for the M9 Museum on Active Citizenship.
But this time the expectations have gone beyond all limits.
The numbers are in fact record: 705 schools and over 14 thousand students with applications received from all continents.

Centenario della nascita di Federico Fellini

Centenary of the birth of Federico Fellini

Today the "FELLINI CRAFT" competition is officially open for schools. On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Maestro Federico Fellini we decided to celebrate the Master and spread the knowledge and culture of Italian cinema also through the videogame culture. And we couldn't do it except with Minecraft.

Minecraft al museo M9: la conclusione del contest

Minecraft at the M9 museum: the conclusion of the contest

The Minecraft contest of the M9 Museum of Venice Mestre JUNE 9 2019 Minecraft at the M9 museum! Our second contest with Minecraft created for museums and cultural venues and tailored to the needs of the museum itself has also come to an end.

Come connettere microbit con Minecraft Education Edition

How to connect Micro:bit with Minecraft Education Edition

How to connect microbit with Minecraft Education Edition I like to mix technology with the manual, the virtual with the physical. As soon as the Code Connection app was released, I asked myself what could have been the service I wanted to see ...

Avviato il progetto Raffaello in Minecraft

The Raphael project started in Minecraft

Launched the RAFFAELLO project in Minecraft 14 NOVEMBER, 2018 The "Raffaello in Minecraft" project has been launched, promoted by the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, which involves the involvement of Italian schools. In less than a week already 40 schools have asked ...