Art in Minecraft


JUNE 2019

Art in Minecraft. Put the Ducal Palace of Urbino, put schools from all over Italy, put the room dedicated to the great Raffaello Sanzio, put Minecraft: here are the main ingredients of the contest that we have designed for the National Gallery of the Marche. An initiative where art, school and video games are intertwined to share the emotion of discovering art and knowing how to reinvent it. The final result ? The works selected and created in Minecraft by the young students are now exhibited in the museum, in the same room where Raphael's paintings are located !!!

Three were stages of the contest in which the boys were involved in the project of art in Minecraft, inspired by the life of the young Raffaello Sanzio in his hometown - Urbino - entirely reproduced in Minecraft for the realization of an original and "gamified" storytelling.

Art in Minecraft: students exhibit Minecraft drawings at the museum!

Andrea intent on observing a Minecraft work

Who the Minecraft contest was aimed at

The Director of the National Gallery of Marche Peter Aufreiter, in collaboration with us at Maker Camp, AppTripper srl and Microsoft, has been able to bet on a project as innovative as it is unique, with the aim of putting children's creativity and the knowledge of teachers at the center of a rediscovery of art. The initiative reserved for primary and secondary schools of the first grade immediately proved to be a fully successful experiment, where the young students not only approached the most significant heritage of our country, but demonstrated how much this can stimulate them.

An art work in Minecraft during the final contest ceremony

Team work

The teachers who were first frightened, then interested and finally passionate and emotionally involved were guided by the students who were able to take them by the hand and lead them into the "magical world of videogames". They found out the educational force that comes from the stimulus of the game, coming to find interest and strength in working in groups, sharing and learning together. More than 100 registered schools and over 2,000 participating students from all over Italy. These are some numbers.

The prize-giving day that took place on June 8th was a succession of emotions. The schools that came from all over Italy were basically not there to collect an award, but to share a turning point in our school and our culture.

The party

A party started together with the Mates, the most famous italian youtubers in the Minecraft videogame field, who rewarded young students visibly moved and confirmed the importance of considering videogames an educational tool.

In Urbino we saw a school outside the walls of the classes, without competition, full of art, history and beauty; made of challenges of creativity, collaboration and joy. On June 8th we saw students thanking their teachers and teachers to thank their students for the emotions they experienced together.

Now ask us if we are happy!

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